Odds On

Odds On is a new digital production that submerges you into the world of Pearls of Fortune - a garish, underwater online gambling site. We are experimenting with creative technologists Marmelo, and engaging with local problem gambling communities in Salford, Kent & Reading, to create an episodic, online theatrical experience. Audiences will follow an older woman through the gambling site's lens; peering through her screen as she spends more & more time consumed by racking up the pearls of fortune. 

Odds On has been commissioned by The Lowry's Live Now commissions, Lighthouse Poole and Farnham Maltings' New Popular programme, and will be created in partnership with Ideas Test, Kent & South Street, Reading. The project will be developed over the course of 2021 and presented to online audiences in 2022. Odds On is funded by Arts Council England. 

Read more about the project here