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Participation Projects

Working with a range of communities fuels our artistic practice
We encourage people from all walks of life to engage
We work in areas with low arts provision offering participants new skills and experiences

Participation is at the heart of our practice; we create opportunities for a wide range of communities to get involved in the creation and delivery of our productions and lead on bespoke commissioned projects targeted at teenagers, students, older people and many more…..

By interrogating social issues and directly involving those with lived experience we open up imaginations and debate, encouraging people from all walks of life to engage, and directly feed the creative process with authentic voices. Working in areas with low arts provision with multiple partners, participants gain new skills and experiences. Our community partners then foster ongoing long-term local arts engagement.

If you're interested in hearing more about our work with communities then get in touch with Lucy, our Participation Producer.

If you work at university and are interested in having Dante or Die artists work with your students, here is a list of current workshop and mentoring opportunities.